Sunday, 8 March 2015

Figure out why Social Media Marketing is more effectual than Traditional Marketing

Are you still stuck to the traditional form of marketing for your enterprise? You are certainly losing a great client base for your company. Traditional marketing may have its own pros because of which you have still hold onto it.  But with the way, social media marketing has boomed in the recent time, it has become an ideal and far more feasible platform for the promotion of your venture as opposed to the traditional way of marketing. Find out in this article why social media marketing is better than traditional style of marketing. 

·             Social Media Marketing is more effective than Traditional Marketing

The influence and effect which social media platform can create is quite unlikely for the traditional marketing strategy to build as the reach of social media marketing is far wider than any other conventional kind of marketing. A newspaper advertisement, radio and broadcast can never match up to the reach of social media. People generally tend to find something reliable when they hear their near and dear ones recommending that particular thing to them, which is basically known as ‘word of mouth’. And the effect of ‘word of mouth’ is definitely powerful, so social media also operates in the same manner and spreads the message wide.

·         Social Media , A 24/7 available Marketing tool

What sets social media marketing apart from any kind of traditional kind of marketing is the fact that it is a tool which promotes your business 24/7.  Within a fraction of second it gives an insight about your venture to the world whereas the conventional formats take a great deal of time.  By being 24/7 available, social media makes the accessibility of clients far easier as opposed to the traditional formats and furthermore traditional marketing tools fails to remain in the memory of the people for a long time.

·          Social media – An inexpensive affair

To create an impact among the prospective clients of your venture in traditional marketing platforms like radio, print media or for that matter TV broadcasting, the company has to invest a huge sum of money. However, when it comes to social media format, you can get the privilege of flexibility as well as the estimation of promotional results through the various analytical tools available. Moreover you can also determine how many people are sharing and clicking your link so basically you can get an instant feedback which is not the case with traditional platforms. Furthermore whatever little impact the traditional medium leaves, it also fails to sustain for a long time therefore in every way social media platform is quite inexpensive. 

·         Social media enjoys the benefit of SEO

The best aspect of using social media platform for marketing rather than any other sort of conventional format is simply because of the fact it can help to generate lot of traffic to your site whereby giving a boost to your venture. But the same cannot be said about the traditional kind of forms like radio or newspaper which does not enjoy this perk. In every which way social media marketing proves to be far more feasible as compared to the traditional mode of marketing.

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