Thursday, 29 January 2015

What You Need to Know About Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is basically a second generation of technology and is essentially refers to the evolution from static HTML web pages to a more dynamic web, is based on serving web applications to users and is more organized. It contains interactive content and offers a new approach to find, gather and distribute the information with others on internet.  Some of these technologies are social networking, RSS, blogs, tags, instant messaging, wikis, and podcasting, online and interactive video.

Users can interact, collaborate and participate with other users during the same web-surfing sessions by sharing or sending information across the web because of web 2.0 application development and features. Dynamic websites built with web 2.0 features have more interactive content in form of video, audio, slideshows and images with various viewing options. This flexibility of presenting the information in different media platforms makes web 2.0 more lucrative.
The whole web 2.0 is based upon three basic concepts.

•    Rich Internet Applications - To present the contents in rich graphical format in more interactive manner using Flash & AJAX technology is the main objective of these applications.

•      Service Oriented Architecture - To develop compiled and much richer applications, this is one of the most important concepts through which other applications can integrate the functionality and features. For example - Mash-Ups, RSS, Web Services and Feeds etc.

•   Social Web - It is the idea that defines how users can intermingle with each other and make communications.

Some of the additional features of Web 2.0 are,
•    Dynamic content
•    User participation
•    Rich user experience
•    Scalability
•    Metadata
•    Web standards,
•    Freedom
•    Collective intelligence
•    Openness

Web 2.0 makes more sense for web designers
With the ushering of Web 2.0, web designers have been using the latest innovations and techniques to generate more traffic to their websites. In fact, using Web 2.0 makes more sense for web designers, because the interactive nature of the Web 2.0 compliant websites allows the smooth transition of the participating audience to become active and dynamic users. Web 2.0-website design has surpassed conventional website designing methods and the techniques used to market and popularize them.

Top Web 2.0 User Generated Content Websites

•    Facebook
•    YouTube
•    Yelp
•    Wikipedia

How it Benefits Business Owners

Web 2.0 technologies open up many new possibilities to communication and interactions between users and more importantly between businesses and clients. From the business point of view, it is very much essential to have presence across the web therefore the features, design and user interface of any website should be in such a way so that, products and services could be showcased in detailed and attractive manner and further can attract and engage the user during the visit. These web 2.0 technologies offer a rich end user experience that can convert otherwise disconnected customers straight into loyal customers.

To shortly sum up what Web 2.0 is, it's the altering of websites applications, design, usability and the way people interact.  Add some Web 2.0 elements and features to your site and see what happens.  Your visits will respond to your changes and enjoy your site.  This can help you SEO by lower your bounce rate and time on site.

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